Design in Depth: Art for Living’s Sake

August 10, 2011

By Stacy Kunstel

At our New England Home editorial meetings we review projects sent to us by architects, interior designers and homeowners. While we look at the architecture of the space, the fabrics and furnishings chosen and accessories, one of the make-or-break factors is art. Old masters or instantly recognizable names aren’t required in the homes we publish (they don’t hurt either), but we love art in any form that’s appropriate for the space. So what should art in interiors do?

1. Makes a statement.
Our friends at Oak Hill Architects designed the gorgeous moldings and arch in this Newton home, but the amazing riverscape on the wall behind the table sets the dramatic tone of the room.

Photo by Michael Partenio

2. Celebrates the utilitarian.
These mold forms are elevated to art in the home of interior designer Claire Maestroni.

Photo by Bjorn Wallander; click to see more

3. Comes in unexpected forms.
Framed embroidery pieces as art? Why not? Like interior designer Nancy Serafini, we believe that anything beautiful can be put in a frame.

Photo by Michael Partenio; click to see more

4. Has a sense of humor.
Designer Kristin Gallipoli’s well-honed eye frequently picks the best of mid-century pieces, but in her own home she couldn’t resist this Buster Brown sign and these elf heads–each of which was found separately!

Photo by John Gruen; click to see more

5. Is massed in different forms
If you have a wall, hang it. If you have floor space, place it. Fill your lives and homes with art that you love. Artist and interior designer Jeanne Duval helped clients in New Hampshire display their vast art collection in such a way that each piece gets its due.

Photo by Michael Partenio; click to see more

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