Design in Depth: A Touch of Color

February 6, 2013

By Stacy Kunstel

With a blanket of white on the ground here in the Northeast, a little touch of greenery or flowers can go a long way to cheering up your interiors. Sometimes all you need is just a touch or a clipping from a colorful houseplant.

Photo by John Bessler

Photo by John Bessler

Little pots of moss have always been favorites of mine to add a little life to a room in the dead of winter.

Photo by Bjorn Wallendar

Known houseplants in an unusual container can add drama.

Photo by Laura Moss

Flowers of all types are available year-round these days, but sometimes flowers don’t always feel appropriate in the dead of winter. Why not flocked or painted branches in an eye-popping color?

Photo by Michael Partenio

If you didn’t find anything in the grocery aisle that looked like it could brighten your home, go for in-season citrus. It’s amazing what a pile of vitamin C can do to add color to your home and a glow to your complexion.

Photo by Michael Partenio

Photo by Michael Partenio

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