Design in Depth: A Dose of Drama

January 26, 2011

Text by Stacy Kunstel

The recent snow days had me trapped at home last week. Instead of catching up on my magazine and blog reading, I decided to tune into what the rest of America seems to be obsessed with–reality. Now this reality is not their own, but the kind they find on Housewives of somewhere you don’t live, Survivor, Jersey Shore, Kardashians and a dozen others whose names I don’t remember. Watching these I’m convinced I don’t have enough drama in my life. While I don’t have the requisite nutcases to call personal friends, I do think I could change how I live by upping the drama quotient in my interiors.

I’d start with this birdcage-esque table lamp from Moooi, surely a conversation starter.

Photo courtesy of Moooi Gallery

Then I’d go for dramatic art like the pieces we featured in the January-February issue of New England Home.

From New England Home; photo by Michael Partenio

Of course, if you saw my post from two weeks ago about using black in interiors, you’d wonder why I’d forgotten this room in the house of Claire Maestroni. Imagine the drama you could play out in your own personal cafe space.

From New England Home; photo by Bjrn Wallander

Here’s a sneak peek of the Vermont bedroom of interior designer Wendy Valliere, whose house you’ll be seeing in our March/April issue. No lack of drama here with flocked wallpaper on the walls AND ceiling and a black and white palette.

Photo by Michael Partenio


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