Create a Luxury New England Kitchen With Modern Monogram Appliances

March 28, 2021

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Text by Kristin Amico


The kitchen has always been the heart of a home, and in the past year, it’s taken on increased importance as the place for family sustenance, an impromptu office space, and a retreat for late-night snacks and (virtual) wine tastings with friends. With all that time cooking and eating at home, the demand for updated, luxury kitchen appliances has followed. Whether the goal is to put a weeknight family meal on the table or recreate a Great British Bake Off showstopper as a weekend hobby, the latest Monogram kitchen appliances help home cooks fine-tune cooking skills and renew their sense of passion for culinary creation.

Marc Hottenroth, executive director of industrial design at Monogram, explains why the right appliances make a big difference.

“Some of our most vivid childhood memories are in the kitchen alongside parents or grandparents. At Monogram, we aim to create products that make it easier to forge new memories with family and friends,” explains Hottenroth.

Here’s how luxury appliances add those touches to kitchens large and small.

Enhance the Kitchen Experience, Regardless of Skill Level

Even the most seasoned home cook will benefit from an assistant in the kitchen, and Monogram’s line, from ranges and ovens to under-counter refrigerators, make it feel like you’ve gained a secret sous chef.

“Our customers don’t choose luxury appliances to collect dust in the kitchen—they use each one often. So, we’ve turned to these consumers to help us create beautiful and functional appliances that support the way people really cook and live in their kitchens,” notes Hottenroth.

Features like precision cooking mode offer an intelligent system that monitors cooking progress, modifies temperatures, and adjusts cook times based on sensors—even automatically turning the oven off if it detects your dish is done. That means you’ll never overcook or undercook food again. There are voice-activated options and the ability to sync with Alexa or Google, letting users control their oven from inside or outside of the home.

“It’s about more than simply cooking food. We create appliances that build confident cooks and ensure superior outcomes. We want to bring joy and ease back to the kitchen,” Hottenroth adds.

Deliver High Style While Making Cooking More Convenient

There’s no need to trade style for performance. For those who have meticulously designed their homes and worked with professionals to perfect every detail from paint color to cabinet layout, Monogram offers appliances that fit into a wide range of aesthetics, including traditional and minimalist. But more than that, the design was created to enhance the ease of use.

“Every design feature is intentional. Beyond understanding how people cook, we’ve also devoted a lot of time to understanding how they interact with appliances ergonomically—how they hold a pan while opening the oven or turn dials on the range. By understanding the fine details, we were able to build appliances that feel intuitive,” says Hottenroth.

For home chefs, that translates into features that make cooking easier and more stylish. Some of those features include:

  • Chain-driven French oven doors that let cooks open the appliance with one hand and get closer without leaning over a hot door.
  • Energy-saving dishwashers featuring LED lighting that illuminates the interior, signature polished stainless-steel handles, and quiet operation thanks to advanced sound-absorbing materials.
  • Smart refrigerators that add a sleek profile and lend a hand through soft-close doors, an automatic water pitcher refill dispenser, and lights that can be dimmed at night, letting you indulge in midnight snacks without the shock of bright light.
  • Brass finishes for beauty and precision. Large, hand-finished knobs rotate with a smooth turn, and multi-ring brass burners provide fine flame control for more precise cooking.

Provide Concierge-Style Service and Cooking Inspiration

The Monogram team understands that schedules are tight and kitchen appliances are crucial to the way we live. They aim to take the guesswork (and inconvenience) out of appliance setup and maintenance. Installations are overseen by an experienced Monogram service agent, and repairs, if needed, are handled by certified technicians.

Beyond the appliances, the team also developed a creative program focused on helping consumers enhance their cooking skills. There are concierge home cooking lessons from trained chefs, home visits to show you how to use appliances and get the most out of specialized features, and drop-in classes in showrooms (all will return when it’s safe to gather in groups again).

“Beyond beautiful design, we hope to help inspire artistic creation and expression in the kitchen. Whether it’s a quick weeknight meal for your family or a dinner party with perfectly poached salmon, our goal is to take the effort out of cooking, so you can focus on the people and times that matter,” says Hottenroth.

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