Decorating with Bird Nests

May 14, 2018

Text by Karin Lidbeck Brent    Photography by Karin Lidbeck Brent

Walking through my garden in today it finally feels like is spring here! I was thrilled to come across the delightful discovery of two abandoned bird’s nests in the branches of my freshly-blooming lilac and privet trees to add to my nest collection. This collection has served me well as I often use the nests for creating natural arrangements in my homes, or for photo shoots.

The forsythia branches are a perfect hiding place for one little nest. This arrangement sitting on the corner of my desk is a lovely celebration of spring.

I wonder what bird made this sturdy nest of mud and grass, strong enough to house a miniature orchid? Its pot was small enough to fit in this nest, nestled in this elegant decorative glass bowl. All together they make an artful home for this royal flowering plant. Glass bowl and table from Porter and Mags Dennis Port, Mass.

A handful of tiny grape hyacinths growing out of a nest creates a fun conversation piece. Simply cut grape hyacinths, bundled with a small rubber band, and push them into a small square of wet floral oasis sit tucked inside the nest.

I have a large collection of artificial nests I use for styling photo shoots. You don’t need real ones to get the effect. The nests are sold in all shapes and sizes in craft or floral shops. A nest makes a simple dish for under a plant. I layered this nest on some fresh green moss placed in a vintage wire basket. This darling pot of tete-a-tetes is happy to find it’s home here. Wire basket from Found Home, Chatham, Massachusetts.

A bell jar is ideal for displaying natural finds. I was thrilled to discover mini violets at the garden center and plopped them right inside this nest. Placed on top of this stone candle base it was a perfect pairing under the glass. I like to gather seasonal collections and display them in my front entry. What better way to welcome friends and family?

A bird’s nest is a joy to find, and contemplate its incredible builder with all the work and materials that went into making it. If you find one that has been abandoned, instead of hiding it away, see what creative ways you can find for enjoying their beauty in your home.

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