Ted Landsmark

Five Questions: Ted Landsmark

1. You have said that design is failing us. What do you mean by that? There are failures at both the macro and the micro scale. For example, we are not using design to address and mitigate

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Five Questions: Thomas Antonelli

1. In addition to selling your own paintings, you’ve become a collector and seller of what’s known as Tramp art….

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Five Questions: Owners of Town House Finds + Designs

The owners of Darien’s Town House Finds + Designs explain how they have opened and run a successful shop that offers both home decor and women’s

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Five Questions: Ryan Newton

How does being the fourth generation to join your family company affect your outlook? My great-grandfather started this business in 1958, with my

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Five Questions: Dawn Carroll

Dawn Carroll, design stone consultant with stone supplier and fabricator Cumar Marble and Granite, discusses trends and developments

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Five Questions: Paul Lukez

Home design is going to to to to to to to change, probably in ways we don’t fully understand yet. For example, a lot of it will indirectly be affected

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Five Questions: Jens Buettner

Gallery owner Jens Buettner explains how his European sensibility informs his furniture, decorative objects, and fine art sales.

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Five Questions: H. Keith Wagner

1. When is the best time for a client to hire a landscape architect? From day one. Homeowners will get…

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David Webster

Five Questions: David Webster

1. The Webster & Company showroom has been a mainstay for New England’s designers since 1991. What brought you into…

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Margie Huggard

5 Questions: Margie Huggard

1. What makes Briarwood II in Osterville, the property chosen for the showhouse, particularly appropriate? The property has a certain…

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Kevin Lagasse

5 Questions: Kevin Lagasse

1. What questions do you hear most frequently about what you do? We are often asked about the features of…

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Dan Weiss

Five Questions: Dan Weiss

What was the path to your present position? I wrote a business plan for the company while I was working…

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Sergio Mazon

Five Questions: Sergio Mazon

What essential things should homeowners know about lighting design? Lighting, in a sense, is the most important element in design….

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Jon Van

5 Questions: Jon Van

What, typically, is your role in a design team assembled to create a new room or house? In general, our…

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Interview: Mark Hammer

Everyone connects Cape Cod with classic Colonial or “saltbox” houses: square, shingled, chimneyed, ubiquitous. Few are aware, however, that in…

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