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Magnificent Obsession: Lynne Kortenhaus

Printmaking, with its emphasis on technical expertise and opportunity for creative expression, is a never-ending source of pleasure for Lynne Kortenhaus.

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Jewelry for the Home

Old World meets new in a Rhode Island atelier for custom hardware.

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Van Cleeve mixed-media painting by Will Holub

Paper Trail: Will Holub

Will Holub’s art begins with paper, a medium whose fragility and resilience makes it the perfect vehicle for his meditations on the nature of life.

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Deborah Zlotsky oil on canvas colorful abstract

Controlled Chaos: Artist Deborah Zlotsky

Deborah Zlotsky’s colorful abstract works.

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Controlled Burn: Artist Kathleen Kucka

Connecticut artist Kathleen Kucka’s passion for her art runs hot—literally.

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Shingle Style in Westport, Connecticut

For boat lovers, what could be more appropriate than a waterfront
house designed to reference the sea and built to stand forever?

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Five Questions: Gary Shafran Owner of L&M Custom Carpets and Rugs

Gary Shafran, owner of L&M Custom Carpets and Rugs, on the advantages of being a one-man operation.

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Rising Star: Alina Wohlhardt

Designer Alina Wolhardt is the force behind the look and feel of some of Boston’s most distinctive new condo buildings.

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Five Questions: Jason and Mindy Sevinor

Jason and Mindy Sevinor, the brother-and-sister team from Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply, on the latest in bath and kitchen design.

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The evocative Moon light

Double Vision: Ben and Aja Blanc

If you live and work together in a creative industry, inspiration can come when you least expect it. Maybe you’re on the back deck coloring with your two daughters when you realize you’ve just sketched an

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Artistry: Plein-Air Artist Nancy Friese

Nancy Friese’s landscapes are more than snapshots of inspiring locations. She uses the term “composite” to describe her technique: a blending of her feelings, interpretations, and memories of a place. A self-described

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Coastal Glam in Southport

When life gives you lemons… you know how the rest goes. Truer words were never spoken when it comes to designer Mindy Schwarz’s home in the coastal hamlet of Southport. At 1,800 square feet, the cozy house is the

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Five Questions: Brad Smith

1. How has home technology changed from the days when it was mostly security related? We’ve come so far! Today’s home technology can integrate everything in a home from lighting to security to heating to

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Stamford’s Waterside Design District

True, the “Waterside” in its name does set an expectation that Stamford’s newest design destination involves boardwalks and beach grass in addition to samples and swatches.

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True Originals: Connecticut Furniture Makers

A tree that falls in the forest may not make a sound—but let that same tree fall on a city street, and it’s likely to make a major statement. Particularly if it falls into the hands of Ted and Zeb

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