Trends and Ideas

Book Review: “Yankee Modern: The Houses of Estes/Twombly”

Howard Mansfield, the New Hampshire–based writer who penned the forward to this new book from Princeton Architectural Press, calls the…

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Led lighting

Lighting the Way

For half a century, light-emitting diode (LED) technology was mostly a solution in search of a problem. The Swinging Sixties…

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Modern Love

America in the mid-twentieth-century was a heady time. World War II was over, the economy was booming and the American…

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Modern Marvel

Walter Gropius was constantly irritated by the fact that his design ideals became a “look.” The principles of the Bauhaus…

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Versailles Revisited

It was a time of horse racing and baronesses, of high society and industry, of grand philanthropic projects and lavish…

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