Bring Spring into your Home with Cheerful Daffodil Arrangements

March 28, 2017

Text by Karin Lidbeck Brent

Spring seems to come slowly to New England, cool windy days often feel more wintery than spring-like this time of year. Feeling a bit desperate for spring? Daffodils are the perfect antidote to winter’s last grasp.

This time of year your local market will have bunches of yellow daffodils at hard-to-resist prices.

Go grab a few bunches and enjoy!

Breakfast of Champions
Why not start the day with masses of yellow daffodils a breakfast table? They scream “Get up and Go!” in this cheerful breakfast nook designed by Lauren Muse, and showcased in the spring 2016 issue of New England Home Connecticut.

Photo by John Gould Bessler

Double duty
Cut Daffodils are abundant at the supermarket, but head to the nursery to buy blooming potted daffodils and you can enjoy the daffodils for years to come. You can cut and display the flowers for immediate satisfaction, and then have the bulbs to plant in the garden come fall.

Once home cut the long flower stems, but do not cut the leaves themselves. The leaves need to die and return their nutrients to the bulb. Dig your holes in the garden and place the bulbs as-is right from the pots. You’ll be thrilled you took the extra time to do this come next spring when you see those daffodils blooming in your garden.

Photos by Michael Partenio

Sunny Views
Create a sunny garden view by fashioning a hanger with twine wrapped around the rim of a glass mason jar. Simply style with daffodils or any other spring bloom.

Daffodil bouquet in a sunny window

Photo by Michael Partenio

Simple Idea- Big Impact
Here I put my collection of glass bottles to good use filling them with daffodils, pussy willows and forsythia, then arranging them en-masse in my front entry. Easy!

Daffodils on a breakfast table

Photo by Karin Lidbeck Brent

Nesting Instincts
This is a favorite dining table centerpiece I created years ago for Good Housekeeping. The tiny tete-a-tete daffodils are removed from their pots, bulbs and all, and placed in birds nests and surrounded by moss and eggs. Does anything say springtime more than this?

Daffodils in a nest

Photo by Michael Partenio

Hold my Seat!
These clever place card holders are nothing more than a daffodil bloom cut short and tucked into an egg cup.

Daffodil as dessert

Photo by Karin Lidbeck Brent

Daffodil as Dessert
When is a daffodil not a daffodil? When it a desert! I created this deceptive treat for Good Housekeeping. A chocolate egg is disguised in yellow tissue paper to look like our favorite spring flower. The flower is inserted into a Brownie cake baked in a pot for a chocolaty treat. Head on over to my personal blog for the “how-to.”

Tissue paper daffodil

Photo by Michael Partenio

Granted the first one will take a bit of practice, but once you have one down, the rest follow quickly. Can’t you just picture these as a delightful centerpiece for a children’s Easter table?


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