Antique Andirons

January 23, 2015

Antique Andirons

By Lynda Simonton

These interesting andirons from New England antiques dealers will insure that your fireplace will look great with, or without, a fire. Whether you choose a quirky set featuring trim dachshunds or sturdy Hessian soldiers, they are sure to be conversation starters.

1. Pair of French Bronze Dog and Cat Chenets, circa 1880, Trianon Antiques, Boston

2. Pair of cast iron Hessian Andirons,19th century, BG Galleries, Weymouth, Massachusetts

3. Arts And Crafts Bronze Andirons, circa 1900, Alex Westerhoff, Essex, Massachusetts

4. Exuberant Floral Andirons, circa 1910, Cherry Gallery, Damariscotta, Maine

5. Pair of Art Deco Dachshund Andirons, circa 1930, Brock & Co., Concord, Massachusetts

6. Pair of Ship and Anchor Andirons, 1920, Nantucket House of Antiques, Nantucket, Massachuetts

These andirons were found on a search through 1stdibs, but it is certainly more fun to unearth these when hunting through some of our wonderful New England antiques shops in person. Why not take an antiquing trip this weekend? 

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