Anthony Catalfano Home

December 29, 2014

Text by Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz

Wells, Maine

Why is it that minutes before guests are to arrive for dinner, chaos breaks out? A week’s worth of mail must be shoved into a drawer. Candles for the candlesticks have gone missing. The linens are wrinkled. The pillows on the sofa are in desperate need of plumping. And the large salad bowl? Someone—who was that anyway?—borrowed it a month ago and hasn’t returned it yet.

If it often seems that time to attend to these details requires a perfect world, take heart: help is on the way.

Anthony Catalfano, a seasoned interior designer and owner of an eponymous home store in Wells, Maine, can help create what once seemed to exist only in our minds and at the movies.

Catalfano’s bright, airy shop speaks volumes about creating beautiful, serene rooms. There are boxes and baskets to hold the mail, plenty of candles for the candlesticks, stacks of linens, wonderful toss cushions, and lots of tableware. There are also well-tailored pieces of furniture: tables, consoles, cabinets, and more. It’s all there for the taking. Now, if only he did takeout.

2190 Post Rd., Wells, Maine, (207) 646-1110, Open daily 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

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