Andrew Terrat: Fall Home Trends—The ’70s are Back!

October 16, 2015

The living room is one space that has seen a dramatic transition over the years.  Think back to your grandparents’ living room for a moment.  It typically was the room where you weren’t allowed to sit! Remember the plastic covered cushions? In fact, the term “living room” back then was a bit of an oxymoron.  Fast forward to 2015 – and the once forbidden “living room” is now the space to congregate – to relax, unwind and “be comfortable.”

As the second most utilized area in the home (The kitchen is the first), the living room is where you can create a space that is a complete reflection of your personal style, whether it be traditional, bohemian, vintage or modern.

The big trend this year is vintage 70’s.  There is something about the look of that decade with a little touch of glam that I believe translates so well for living rooms. I’m all about mixing things up and love the look of both dark and light furniture in a space. Colors like navy, burgundy or spruce are a perfect contrast to off white and cream shades. Accent the room with shiny metals for the ultimate vintage expression.

Andrew Terrat

Photo courtesy of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

If you like a more subtle color palette, think black & white with cool grays and warm woods. Instead of the added glam of shiny metals, add accents with clean modern lines to give the space a collected feel. If you’re going to go for this more traditional and modern look, make sure you add beautiful barware, great photography, stacks of books and just the right lights to set the mood.

Mitchell Gold Bob Williams

Photo courtesy of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

If you’re looking to go full-retro, try incorporating a unique piece into your space, whether it be a funky wall design, unique lighting or a vintage styled fireplace. Pops of oranges and/or browns give the space a groovy essence. Try adding the shiny metals from the glam look, along with the subtle furnishing  color pallet from the more traditional look, then finish off the space by adding what I like to call the “conversation starter”. Don’t be afraid to go completely shagadelic by adding a shag carpet and psychedelic accent pillows.



Andrew Terrat, is an  award-winning interior designer and partner of 3 Fish LLC, owners and operators of Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams stores in Boston, Natick and Burlington, Massachusetts 

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