A Few of My Favorite Things

December 30, 2014

By Paula M. Bodah  

Interior designer Craig Tevolitz, of Platemark Design, and Richard Baiano, co-owner of Childs Gallery, share a home that showcases both their individual talents and their shared passion for surrounding themselves with beautiful things. Their condominium in the Back Bay’s historic Vendome, one of the homes we featured in our January-February issue, is a showstopper for many reasons. It’s gorgeous, of course, thanks to the fine eye of its owners, the clever machinations of architect Carlos Riduejo, and the exacting work of FBN Construction. But it’s also a unique reflection of Craig and Richard’s personal take on life—a home that can wrap the couple in warmth, comfort, and solitude or open to welcome visitors with energy and hospitality. Here, Craig tells us what makes a few of his favorite spots in the home so special.

“Every day is a champagne day for us. When our guests arrive, they are greeted first with a kiss, then with a glass. We built our home to share it with friends and loved ones, and our very favorite feature is dishing out that delight. The large geometric wall slides aside like a sleek, urban barn door to reveal this hidden dry bar stocked with colorful bottles and sparkling glassware. We captured every inch of space that we could beneath the newly constructed stair. People can’t believe what we’ve managed to fit into such tight nooks. Many of our clients are in transition to that very circumstance: children have moved out, the wonders of urban life are most appealing, and 10,000 square feet of suburban house begins to feel like a hangar of unused living space. Managing domestic transitions constitutes much of our business nowadays. Our own home stands as an example to clients of what’s possible with clever design and planning.”

Dry Bar

Photography by Michael J. Lee

“There are so many wonderful things layered into this elegant picture of the bedroom. We designed the headboard as a blank canvas, quite literally. It’s stretched linen that we framed as we would any fine art. Then, as we often shuffle artwork around, the pieces easily lean atop the headboard’s ledge. Visitors rave when they see the curvy, leather-wrapped nightstands. We also love custom lampshades; we adore this particular form of “home jewelry.” Of course, this means we have a growing cemetery of cast-aside and boring white lampshades! If you don’t have a king-sized bed, then get one. If it won’t fit the space, then you just identified your first design challenge.”

Craig Tivolitz Bedroom

“We designed our home as an adult playground. Since the entire living space is one large room, we strategically scattered furnishings about, the way people might when lounging at a party. Every guest is unique so every seat should be, too. Choose the sculptural klismos chair, which is great for a well-mannered, leg-crossed pose. Or opt for the deep, plumose shelter sofa tastefully debauched with throw pillows. Either way, conversations groupings trail off into further conversation groupings. And in the end, seeing who is sprawled where only adds to the enchantment of this room. When the entertainment is over, the room snaps back—with the help of scene lighting and a hidden TV—to return to a party of two (four if you count our dogs, Butch and Maude).”

Craig Tivolitz Living Room

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