A Basket Case

August 7, 2015

Jackie Adams

Encaustic Women Forms by Jackie Adams 

We’re not overstating it when we say that Jackie Adams has redefined basketry. Functional, traditional, woven: That’s what baskets were to the Brattleboro, Vermont fiber artist when she apprenticed herself to a second-generation maker of gorgeous, but conventional, white ash baskets in Massachusetts. That was 40 years ago. Adams dutifully duplicated his work, but after a time, innovation nagged at the former inner-city schoolteacher. She found the construction of functional baskets to be far too limiting, so she began to fashion sculptural vessels in materials ranging from waxed linen to recycled silk blouses. She’d found her life’s work. And soon she began weaving her art together with her passion for storytelling and the shared experiences of womanhood. And over the years, she’s been inspired by travels to Africa and Australia. As a result, her body of work is positively captivating. Find out what moves Jackie Adams and see more of her work in the September-October issue of New England Home coming soon to newstands and mailboxes.

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