8 Fireplaces that Will Inspire You (& Your Guests) to Gather ‘Round all Winter

January 29, 2016

By Theresa Woods 

Now that we’re past one of the warmest Decembers in New England history, the feeling of winter is finally settling in. From the mornings spent facing harsh, crisp wind chills to the afternoons spent checking weather.com for the latest snow predictions, our time spent in the warm comfort of our homes has become that much more sacred.

Whether you’re planning to accommodate guests in a cozy setting or cherish the times spent by the fire with a good read, the fireplace is the go-to spot for riding out winter.

As we all plan to cope with the cold and wait for warmer days ahead, here are some of our favorite living room fireplaces for inspiration.

1. The pops of color within a neutral-based setting combined with a window wall of natural light make for an all-around warm environment, day or night in this home designed by architect Alan Joslin.

Stone Fireplace

Photograph by Robert Benson

2.  The key to this fireplace setting is the low vintage coffee table and comfy plush striped rug combination, proving a great spot for enjoying a board game or an evening cocktail.

Photograph by James R. Salomon

3. Here, an intimate space is optimized with patterned pillows, bright table decorations and heirloom lithographs depicting farm scenes. This is just one of the many personal spaces designed by Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo’s Connecticut home.

Fireplace ABCD Designs

Photograph by Michael Partenio

4. While neutral furniture and the vase display give this living room a fresh tone, an ornate Baroque mirror from Minton-Spidell above the mantel provides drama.

Fireplace Carter Boston

Photograph by Michael J. Lee

5. This in-house log carrier built within a steel fireplace by Davis and Owens is chic and convenient, allowing you to feed the fire without having to face the cold weather.

Stone Fireplace Davis Raine

Photograph by Michael Partenio

6. This dynamic fireplace serves as the backdrop in this modern space, where all other attention is drawn to Rafael Barrios’s colorful centerpiece.

Modern Fireplace

Photograph by John Gould Bressler

7. Builder Steve Sisler tapped into local areas and used a pile of granite to create this central, four-sided fireplace designed by Marcus Gleysteen.

Stone Fireplace Marcus Gleysteen

Photograph by Jim Westphalen

8. This Adirondack style living room is complemented by this beautiful stone fireplace, giving the room an open and welcoming atmosphere. The Adirondack theme extends throughout the home designed by Reese Owens and Daniel Sullivan of Reese Owens Architects and interior designer Karen Davis

Stone Fireplace Adirondack Style

Photograph by John Gruen

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