5 Ways to Create Meaningful Spaces

November 28, 2018

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Text by Marvin    Photography by Megan Burns, A.W. Hastings

Homeowners are surrounded by beautiful design recommendations daily. However, many homeowners crave more than beauty; they are searching for ways to create meaningful spaces. Whether building a new home or embarking on a remodeling journey, you can design spaces that truly reflect your personal history, dreams and values using these five tips to add meaning to your space.

1. Make a list of the emotions you want your space to evoke.
Think about how you want your space to feel. Do you want it to feel cozy, exciting, nostalgic? Recall places that have inspired those feelings for you. Were the surroundings constructed of wood, stone, stainless steel or other finishes? Did the furniture remind you of your favorite museum space or feel like a fishing lodge in Maine? Start your design with emotional memory and personal vision of the life you want to live there.

2. Make light part of your design process.
Carefully select windows of various sizes and shapes to provide warmth and light to boost your serotonin and improve your mood. Sunshine and fresh air are integral design elements in a meaningful space. Explore new products, like a Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door, to help you seamlessly connect with the nature beyond your walls. Windows and doors aren’t just building materials; they are portals to a happier life.

3. Create gathering spaces to encourage family bonding.
Your furniture selection and placement speak volumes about your priorities. Design gathering spaces to reflect your style while inviting your loved ones to come together for meaningful connections.

4. Remove barriers that impede meaningful interaction.
Remove walls to create a kitchen that invites people to interact while you are preparing meals or pouring wine. An island that is designed to feel more like furniture than traditional cabinetry is a great bridge to a living space rich with meaning.

5. Use movable walls to expand your space.
Need extra storage, sleeping space or a home office, but can’t dedicate an entire room to this occasional need? Consider sliding barn doors, available in various materials, to conceal bunk beds, a desk or storage shelving. You can also delight guests as you invite fresh air in through retracting doors like the Marvin Ultimate Bi-fold Door, spanning an entire wall. This allows for added square footage and a seamless connection to the outdoors.

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