5 Tips for Spring Entertaining with Boston Event Planner Ty Kuppig

April 29, 2022

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Text by Kristin Amico

It’s spring entertaining season. The snow has melted, and everyone is coming out of a long New England hibernation—one that has lasted nearly two years. To make up for lost time and put the spark back into entertaining, we spoke to a professional event planner for inspired guidance.

Ty Kuppig, founder and creative director of Tyger Productions, a full-service event design and production company based out of Boston and New York, explains how to infuse unique ideas and creative energy into gatherings of all sizes.

Create a Lively Concept
For entertaining in 2022, ditch the subtleties and go bold. Take a page out of Kuppig’s professional playbook and create provocative and unexpected experiences that transport your guests to another place and time.

Kuppig suggests beginning the process by taking inspiration from a piece of music, a childhood memory, or even a destination vacation you put on hold due to the pandemic and creating a concept that evokes the essence of that place or time.

Do you recall fond memories of rolling in fresh-cut grass on a summer afternoon? Infuse the event with aromas, colors and textures that invite nostalgia. Prefer St. Bart’s? Bring the island to Boston with a tropical approach.

“Find inspiration in the things you love, but make it your own,” says Kuppig. “But be selective–avoid having every detail—from decor to food and beverage—too literal.”

Provide Unexpected Entertainment
Think beyond a traditional band or DJ as the sole source of entertainment, and provide guests with something unexpected and immersive.

Kuppig suggests everything from a mentalist who will engage guests during cocktails or a talented illustrator who can create candid portraits in real-time of each guest that they can enjoy as a reminder of the gathering.

Keep the Party Energized from Start to Finish
“For gatherings of any size, infuse something new into the event every twenty or thirty minutes,” advises Kuppig.

He explains that activating the senses with sounds, sights, aromas, or flavors on a rotating basis brings new energy and creates a sense of anticipation. “Guests will be able to take pleasure in the moment and simultaneously be excited for what’s still to come,” he adds.

For a more intimate gathering, switch up the playlist throughout the event to keep the background music engaging. When it comes to food and wine, start with pre-dinner cocktails and appetizers, and transition to subtly different flavors as the event goes on.

For a larger party, you may want to welcome guests with a traditional jazz trio during the cocktails, but why not switch it up and organize a troupe of samba dancers to unexpectedly burst through the crowd and lead your guests to their dinner tables?

Get Creative with Food and Drink
Take inspiration from the flavors you love, and create an exciting menu that feels fresh and personal. Don’t be afraid of mixing high and low–serve pigs in a blanket alongside an elegant caviar service. Don’t be afraid of going a little crazy with the presentation. Who said a red solo cup and a Baccarat crystal champagne flute don’t fit at the same event?

Another way to break the formality is to think about how to serve your guests. “For a recent event, we designed and fabricated a custom conveyer belt that transported food and glasses of champagne from kitchen to party area. The guests interacted with it, taking and posting selfies, which create fun and frivolous moments guests will never forget,” explains Kuppig.

Give your Guests Gifts They’ll Remember
Hosting a spectacular event is a gift in itself, but Kuppig suggests going one step further to end the night on a memorable note. “Small, personal gifts are a thoughtful way to turn a great party into a long-lasting memory,” he says.

These can be anything from a small, scented candle that evokes your party’s concept, to personalized gifts for each attendee.

Most importantly, Kuppig urges hosts to enjoy the moment. “Regardless of the size of the event, remember to have fun and savor the party alongside your guests. Many times, hosts are so busy planning ahead and making sure every detail is perfect on the day of the event that they don’t have enough time to deeply connect with the people they care about.”

Tyger Productions, Boston and NYC,  tygerproductions.com

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