5 Hot Kitchen Trends and 3 That Are on Their Way Out

May 5, 2017


Text by Kaitlin Madden


The kitchen isn’t a room that can be easily remodeled on a whim. Instead, your kitchen design is an investment that you’re going to live with for the next decade or two, so you’ll likely want to design a space that feels fresh and modern for as long as possible. One of the best ways to ensure you’re creating a kitchen with design staying power is to pay attention to the current direction of kitchen trends.

Though the de rigeur styles in kitchen design might not change as fast as, say, fashions for throw pillows, light fixtures, or area rugs, there are certain elements like cabinetry colors, finishes, and even functional elements that tend to come and go every five to ten years.

So what’s going to make your kitchen design feel contemporary the longest? We asked the experts at New England Design and Construction for their take, and they shared with us the five hot kitchen trends they’re seeing right now, plus a few style choices that are on their way out.

Up-and-coming kitchen trends

Saturated kitchen cabinets
White cabinets have been hot in kitchen design for the last five years, but homeowners are finally tiring of this ubiquitous option. “We’re seeing a lot more saturated cabinets, including colors and darker wood tones, and a lot less white Shaker styles,” says Ann Fullerton, Design Director for New England Design and Construction.

Soapstone counters
Thanks to its nonporous surface, which makes it nearly stain-proof, soapstone is quickly becoming the natural material of choice for kitchen countertops, especially for homeowners looking for low-maintenance and high-durability, says Fulleton.

Emphasis on organization
Homeowners are increasingly asking for cabinetry with built-in organization systems, a by-product of modern kitchen layouts. “With the popularity of open shelving and open floor plans, lower cabinet storage needs to be as well optimized as possible because there is less upper cabinetry,” explains Fullerton.

Statement lighting
Kitchens are no longer just viewed as functional spaces, says Fullerton. “Homeowners want to infuse their personalities into every space in their homes, and one of the best ways to add a sense of personal style to the kitchen is with lighting. More people are choosing large pendants or statement lighting for above their islands or centered in the space.”

Unexpected or reclaimed materials
Reclaimed materials are growing in popularity, both because of the warm look they bring to a room and for their environmental-friendliness, says Fullerton. The most common places reclaimed materials are popping up in the kitchen: as ceiling beams, island cabinetry, and flooring.

Kitchen trends on the way out

Granite was once the gold-standard in kitchen countertops, but it’s being phased out in most kitchens thanks to a plethora of new, more durable options. Surfaces like engineered stone and soapstone offer a similar look to granite, but require less maintenance, Fullerton says.

Apron-front sinks
Thanks to the popularity of French-country and farmhouse-style design, the apron-front sink was a must-have for many homeowners over the last five years. But now? “The Farmhouse-style sink is falling out of fashion in favor of simpler drop-in or undermount sinks.”

Pot fillers
This spigot behind the stove was incorporated into kitchen designs recently more for its looks that its function. Now? “Homeowners are now finding this upgrade redundant and opting to skip it,” says Fullerton.

What do you think about these kitchen trends?

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