5 Fence Ideas to Enhance your Home and Landscape

October 11, 2017

Pool at night with fencing

Dan Gordon Landscape Architects | Paragon Landscape Construction | Photography by Greg Premru

When it comes to selecting a fence design that will not only be functional but enhance the beauty and value of your property, it pays to think outside the white picket box. Today’s fencing options offer a wide range of styles, materials, and designs that can be customized to enrich the look of your home.

“The first order of business when you’re buying a fence is, of course, determining the need, whether that’s containment of children and pets, privacy screening, pool security, or just a backdrop for landscaping,” says Todd Skulsky of Perfection Fence in Marshfield, MA. “After that, the sky’s the limit. We like to evaluate the home and surroundings to design something that is complementary to the architecture. We want the fence to look like it was part of the original master plan.”

Below, Skulsky shares examples of how creative fencing solutions can add to the look and function of your property.

Create a roadmap for your landscape


Wood and stone fence

Dan Gordon Landscape Architects | Paragon Landscape Construction | Photography by Charles Mayer

One of Skulsky’s favorite ways to use fencing is to accentuate and define landscaping. “We can accent a gateway or forge traffic patterns so people are directed to an area, or we can develop focal points by drawing their eye to a certain feature,” he explains. “We can also create visual backdrops to plantings so they stand out instead of being lost within the larger landscape.”

Mix materials for a more appealing result


Retaining wall with fence

Photography by Perfection Fence

Most people tend to approach fencing design with a fixed mindset, believing that they need to settle on a single material or style for their entire project. “People don’t realize that different designs and materials can go well together,” Skulsky says. “By using different styles and colors you can open up views in some areas and create privacy in others. We love putting together multiple materials and having everything flow.” The above project photo illustrates this perfectly by featuring a wood framed mesh double gate, stainless steel cable railing and a Cellular Vinyl pergola.

Hide eyesores with clever fence designs

Fence hiding pool equipment

Dan Gordon Landscape Architects | Paragon Landscape Construction | Photography by Greg Premru

Have an eyesore on your property? Creative fencing can make it seem like it’s all part of the landscape. Take the gorgeous lattice wall accentuating this pool, for example, which was created by Dan Gordon architects and built by Perfection Fence. “There’s an elliptical cutout that looks like a window, but it’s really a mirror to hide the pool equipment,” explains Skulsky. “It gives the illusion that you’re looking through a window, and you’d never guess what was behind the wall.”

Modernize your landscape

Contemporary fence

John C. Carter & Company Landscape Architect | Photography by Perfection Fence

The New England area Skulsky works predominantly in is known for its historic architecture, but that doesn’t stop his clients from testing out more au courant options. “We do a lot of contemporary designs, using stainless steel and wood.” He counts horizontal board fences and cable railings as two other recent trends in fencing design. Here’s an example of a modern Western Red Cedar fence that was used to elegantly section off the Japanese Garden style space and create a truly tranquil retreat.

Custom doesn’t always mean costly

For a design that truly enhances your property a custom product is a must, and it might be more attainable than you’d think. Skulsky says the term can be unnecessarily intimidating and that “custom” doesn’t always equate to costly. Instead, it simply implies that your fence will be made to fit. “Custom doesn’t always mean expensive,” he says. “It can actually be a more efficient means since you are making exactly what you need rather than retrofitting pre-made pieces. You get the detailing you want and something that works with the topography of where it’s going.”

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