10 Rooms with Beautiful Flower Arrangements that will Get You Excited for Spring

March 11, 2016

Text by Tess Woods

You can’t go wrong adding floral arrangements to various rooms throughout your house, especially as spring begins to unfold. Flowers add color, energy, scent, and allow endless ways to personalize a room. Whether they serve as focal points, or finishing touches, we hope these florals inspire you to head to the flower market and create your own bouquets this weekend.

1.  A burst of color on the bedside table lights-up an otherwise neutral bedroom.

Orange flowers on a nightstand

Photograph by John Gould Bressler

2. Matching these flowers to a dynamic piece of art is a conversation starter in this modern living room.

purple flowers

Photograph by John Gould Bressler

3.  From the horizontal paneling, to the tall bouquet, to the brightly-colored accessories, this living room embodies all things spring.

Large floral arrangement on a coffee taable

4.  A simple eucalyptus arangement complements the modern feel and soft color palette of this living room.

eucalyptus arangement

Photograph by Michael Partenio

5. The unique glassware and fresh color palette establishes this lounging area as one-of-a-kind. The dramatic orchid arangements complement the room’s modern sensibility.

contemporary coffee table with orchids

Photograph by John Gould Bressler

6. Yellow blooms are always a bold and cheery choice.

Photograph by Michael Partenio

7.  Simple green florals always work well in a room layered with earth tones.

Neutral room with large mirror and floral arangement

Photograph by Robert Benson

8. The orange contrast against the teals and yellows, combined with the boldly geometric vase, adds to the modern, creative sense of this family room.

Living room with turquoise chairs

Photograph by Michael Partenio

9. A colorful room full of bold statements is completed with strong, vivid floral choices. Bright blue hydrangeas look whimsical in a brightly colored pot.

colorful family room

Photograph by Eric Roth

10. A colorful bouquet in a tribal-style vase adds a focal point to a contemporary space.

Neutral living room

Photograph by Michael J. Lee

Which look will you aim for this spring season?

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