10 Life-Changing Luxuries

March 3, 2014

By Catie Parrish

The average person spends a third of his or her life sleeping, so we invest in high-quality mattresses. But if we’re breaking down percentages of our time, there are other daily behaviors that add up, too. What are the tasks or go-to habits you find yourself doing again and again? For me, it would be my morning cup (or two) of coffee, scrolling through my iPhone on my commute, walking my dog, cuddling on the sofa with my husband, reading in bed. I would go so far as to say certain habits, like my nightly bath, have even become rituals. Now imagine how much easier, comfortable, and joyful those moments would be if you swapped the basics in favor of superior versions that delight your senses.

Here are 10 luxuries that will transform your routine.

Photos courtesy of: Saeco, Grohe, Philips Philips, Horchow, Smythson

1.       Saeco Xelsis Espresso Machine: The Italians know their coffee. This stainless-steel espresso machine can be programmed for up to six people, so each member of your home can store information about their favorite drinks (down to coffee intensity and temperature).

2.       Grohe Rainshower F-Series: Turn your shower into a spa experience. This line of premium shower heads and body sprays feature a perfect spray and super-flat panels for a minimalist look.

3.       Philips Wake Up Light: Wake up like it’s vacation every day. Inspired by dawn, this light will gently wake you over the course of 30 minutes. The colors mimic a morning sunrise, evolving from soft reds to sunshine-y yellow. The light is combined with natural sounds that also increase in volume as your wake up time approaches.

4.       Luxe Notes & Chunky Notepad, Horchow: Whether you’re jotting a note for the dog walker or making a grocery list, make a statement with personalized paper. These little notes stay tidy in an acrylic holder, while the thick notepad is sure to last for a while.

5.       New iPad Folding Case, Smythson: From the Grovesnor Collection, this slim pocket iPad case is made of gorgeous coral-colored calf leather.

Photos courtesy of: Garnet Hill, Visual Comfort, Moulton Brown, Nest, Anthropologie

6.       Cotton Herringbone Throw, Garnet Hill: Comfy, with just the right amount of heft, this pure cotton throw blanket is handwoven on antique looms. The impeccable craftsmanship is finished with hand-turned fringe.

7.       Barbara Barry High Society Lamp, Visual Comfort: An eye-level lamp with a silk shade is the best for diffusing light for nighttime reading. The crystal base adds sparkle.

8.       Rhubarb & Rose Hand Wash, Moulton Brown: I must wash my hands 20 times a day, and it’s a bonus when I love the scent. This new hand soap is reminiscent of a bright summer tart and freshly picked roses.

9.       Nest Thermostat: Simply adjust the temperature to your preference, and this intuitive thermostat builds a personalized schedule for you. It also detects when you’re gone and can be accessed from your smartphone, making it the easiest way to save both energy and money.

10.   Glass Water Bottle by Takeya: Toss your water bottle in your bag without fearing it will ruin your electronics. Made of recycled glass, these chemical-free bottles feature a leak-proof cap. The virtually unbreakable bottles come with cool silicone jackets in eye-catching, icy colors. 

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