Saltonstall Architects

Reimagining spaces to live, work, and learn.

At Saltonstall Architects, we are committed to a collaborative and innovative design process rooted in personal service, expertise, and honest communication about what is possible and what is best given our clients’ goals and budgets.

We are personal and personable, adept at collaboration and communication as we facilitate the complexities of the design and construction process on projects of all sizes. As a regional design leader, our work includes renovation and new construction with special expertise in building in coastal areas. Committed to sustainable building practices, we encourage each of our clients to explore innovative building strategies to make their projects more energy efficient and valuable over the long term. We serve individuals and families, large organizations, public entities, private boards, and community organizations while delivering exciting and practical design solutions within budget and on schedule.

We are seeking discerning clients who want to enjoy the process of design and discovery with us as we create a truly unique project that fits in scale and context with its surroundings, history, and community.

Through effective communication, expertise, and design leadership, we seek to reimagine the spaces we inhabit, creating projects that are beautiful, welcoming, functional, and enduring.

OUR MISSION:  Saltonstall Architects’ mission is to provide thoughtful, client-focused architectural services of the highest quality and value. With an emphasis on design excellence and client collaboration, our goal is to create innovative, memorable architectural solutions rooted in a thorough understanding of context and community. Committed to sustainable design practices, we seek to integrate this vision into our client’s projects and become a regional leader in high-performance architecture. 

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