Ives Fence

Ives Fence’s unique fences offer a 100% effective solution that protects your property, plantings, gardens, and trees from damage caused by deer and other intrusive wildlife, and keeps dogs and cats contained and wildlife out.

Our fences have low visibility and are designed to blend into the landscape with minimal disruption to your property. The materials that we use differ from traditional fence options, such as chain link and metal, barbwire, wood, and vinyl fence materials. Our fence does not harm wildlife, but rather the polypropylene material we use creates a buoyant barrier that acts much like a trampoline. Because it’s buoyant, it gently repels the animals. Our fences are 100% effective at keeping deer off of your property at all times.

We have been installing this fence system for over 15 years, and have serviced properties of all sizes throughout the east coast. We offer our clients a longterm, low-maintenance, and cost-effective solution that lasts for years.