Cécile Ganne Fine Arts

Through her paintings, Cécile Ganne lends substance and form to the layers of memory that deposit in our minds, just as sediment shapes geological landforms. Her landscapes, whether imagined or re-imagined, invite us to dig deep into our well of memories, whether searching for our roots, seeking to belong, or transmitting our respect to future generations.

Working with oil, cold wax and multimedia, Cécile builds layers upon layers of color, sometimes scratching hues together, accentuating the rawquality of the canvas or wood encompassing that the enigmatic forms at the core of her paintings, sometimes called “earthly corals:” as grounded as trees, but as fluid as seaweed. Her paintings provide a window of distilled joy, vibrant hope and serenity.

Some have compared her paintings to the later work of Cézanne, who played with perspective by flattening his landscapes, distorting forms, imparting a vibrant sense of movement to his structures and inviting them to be viewed from multiple angles. Similarly, Cécile abolishes distance to invite the viewer to step into her landscapes through the colorful network of energy that unites the human experience in a single vision.

Commissions available on request.  Zoom consultations and inquiries are welcome.